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Business Development Officers

Our client is a leading indigenous furniture manufacturing brand located in Abuja. They seek to hire a production manager to oversee the planning and coordination of the production processes and ensure production runs smoothly and efficiently and finished products meet quality standards.

 The Role: To plan, organize and control production of furniture and to ensure that goods are produced efficiently, on time, within budget and to standard.


 Plan a production schedule for the job

 Implement and control the production schedule

 Review and adjust the schedule where needed

 Determine the human resources required

 Determine the material resources required

 Manage human and material resources to meet production targets

 Make decisions about equipment use, maintenance, modification and procurement

 Work out and implement standard operating procedures for

production operations

 Ensure that standard operating procedures are adhered to

 Ensure implementation and adherence to health and safety


 Set product quality standards

 Monitor quality standards of products

 Implement and enforce quality control and tracking programs to

meet quality objectives

 Analyze production and quality control to detect and correct


 Determine and implement improvements to the production process

 Prepare and maintain production reports

 Monitor and review the performance of staff and organize

necessary interventions for improvement

 Estimate production costs

 Set production budgets

 Manage production budgets

 Implement cost control programs

 Ensure efficient collaboration and co-ordination between relevant

departments including procurement, distribution and management

Position Requirements:

 A bachelor's degree in business administration, management,

engineering or industrial technology

 Knowledge and experience in furniture production and

manufacturing processes and techniques, preferably in a leading

furniture company.

 Experience in Mass furniture production and in charge of not less

than 100 personnel

 Knowledge of raw materials

 Knowledge of quality systems and standards

 Knowledge of health and safety standards and compliance

 Knowledge of process improvement techniques

 Knowledge of business, finance and management principles

 Knowledge of human resource principles and practices

 Knowledge of machines and tools

 Knowledge of engineering and technology principles and practices

 Solid computer skills

 Must be resident in Abuja or willing and able to relocate to Abuja.

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