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Enterprise Accounting Solutions

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Enterprise Accounting

Our Enterprise Accounting

What is Enterprise Accounting Solutions?

“Enterprise Accounting Solutions” [or EAS] is a new business management product by Eden Solutions and Resources Ltd conceived with the aim to help micro, small and medium scale business owners address the responsibility of keeping financial records in the manner approved by regulatory bodies.

How it works?

It is an outsourced service offered by Eden Solutions and Resources to business owners, and it involves accountants, who are staff of Eden solutions and resources taking up the responsibility of preparing financial based record documents and statements. The accountants/representatives from Eden Solutions and Resources visit the client’s store/business premises at a rate of once or twice a week to get source documents for preparing the accounting reports.

For whom;

The target for this service includes business owners who do not really need to have a fully operational accounting department but require accounting services. Typical clients have a staff size of 1 – 20 workers.

Bookkeeping Services

At Enterprise Accounting Solutions, we provide bookkeeping services that will free you to focus on the operational side of your business. Our services will help you understand the financial health of your business, and will give you peace of mind when making financial decisions.

Our basic bookkeeping services include:

  • Bank Reconciliations – compare your internal records with bank statements in order to identify and rectify any discrepancies
  • Profit & Loss Statements – generated monthly and/or annually that reports the earnings of a business by stating all relevant income and all expenses that have been incurred to generate that income.
  • Cash Flow Management – manage your cash flow to ensure you have cash when you need it. This is the most critical aspect of your business.
  • Payroll Management – Managing employee compensation.
  • Financial Reporting & Analysis – key information about the financial state of your business in language you can understand.
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable – identify money you owe suppliers and money that is owed to you by your customers.
  • End of financial year processes – take away all the pressure associated with ensuring your books are ready for the end of financial year. With this, you have reports that you present for the auditors to prepare audit report for tax purposes.
  • Budgeting – forecast your income and expenditure in order to identify how much you can afford to dedicate to particular expenses
  • Troubleshooting – identify areas in your current accounting systems that can be improved or overhauled.
  • Stock Taking Management – We assist business owners in handling inventory management including setting up the system or even carrying out a stock count.
  • Software installation and support – We also assist businesses to secure, deploy and implement

Why choose Enterprise Accounting Solutions?

Enterprise Accounting Solutions 's service teams work out of their headquarters in Abuja, FCT, delivering industry-leading customer service. They’ll get to know your business intimately and customize Enterprise Accounting Solutions 's services to meet your organization's needs.

Benefits to the Client;

  • Financial records will be presented in a manner approved by tax bodies [FIRS]
  • Business owner can easily tell if they are making profit or not
  • If there is any in/house fraud, it will be detected on time
  • Business Planning is enhanced
  • More time to focus on other business demands

Note: Enterprise Accounting Solutions by Eden Solutions and Resources is an accounting staffing service provided through an alliance with partner audit firms.