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Background Checking Services

Explore Our Comprehensive Solutions. Making informed hiring decisions and ensuring a safe work environment are paramount. At Eden Solutions and Resources, we offer thorough background-checking services to provide you...

Staff Recruitment

Explore Our Comprehensive Solutions. Finding and attracting the right talent for your organization is crucial for success. At Eden Solutions and Resources, we specialize in delivering top-notch staff recruitment...

Benefits Administration

Explore Our Comprehensive Solutions. Managing employee benefits can be a complex and time-consuming task. At Eden Solutions and Resources, we offer efficient benefits administration services to streamline the process...


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Formed in 2002, Eden Solution and Resources Limited, has rapidly become one of Nigeria’s leading providers of staffing services. We endeavour to supply quality and innovative staffing services to all of our clients. Eden Solutions & Resources is managed by a team of competent professionals. Eden Solutions and Resources was conceived by the founders with the express purpose of helping Start-up’s, SME’s and established businesses to accomplish their growth objective and remain relevant in their industries for long. To achieve this vision, Eden Solutions and Resources has evolved from an organization offering only recruitment services to small businesses to a major regional player. Our industry-specific focus allows us to develop a depth of experience, expertise, and connections many Other Similar Firms Cannot Match. We are a conscientious Human Resource Management Firm that delivers exceptional, tailor-made, and cost-efficient Workforce and Organizational Management Solutions to our esteemed clientele worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to industry-specific specialization empowers us to cultivate a profound reservoir of experience, expertise, and connections, setting us apart from numerous comparable firms operating in our area.

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"At Eden Solutions and Resources, we redefine excellence in consulting and HR services, empowering businesses to thrive with strategic solutions tailored for success."

"Our commitment to exceptional quality, innovation, and client satisfaction sets us apart. Join us on the path to growth and transformation with Eden Solutions and Resources."

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We help organizations such as yours to manage their workforce management processes. Engaging us means empowering you to start thinking about your business in a whole new way, bringing a fresh perspective to possible challenges and help you envision - and achieve - a future with unlimited possibilities.

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